Where it's most needed

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Compassion, love, mercy - we all need this - when life gets tough.

By choosing this generous, heartfelt charity gift, you could help provide exactly what a child, family or community needs, right when they need it most.

  • This gift could truly make a difference in the lives of the world's most vulnerable children: responding quickly to emergencies,
  • protecting millions of children from violence,
  • tackling the root causes of poverty
  • and providing children with health, nutrition and education - right where it's most needed.

For many vulnerable children and their families today, the most urgent need is the fight against coronavirus and its lasting impact on health and food security. The virus has brought fear and anxiety as well as illness, death, and grief.

Your gift could help to protect whole communities from future infection and keep vulnerable children safe from its effects.

If you're searching charity catalogues for charity gifts with immediate and lasting impact - look no further. ‘Where it's most needed' is an alternative present that could change lives - now and in the future.

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